Citrus limonum is a thorny, evergreen tree with irregular branches bearing shiny oval leaves. It produces white, pink-tinged strongly perfumed flowers, which turn into berries - the lemon fruit. Lemon has existed for such a long time that its precise origins have become unclear; some claim the tree originated in China or Southeast Asia; some sources cite India. Under the right conditions, a single lemon tree can blossom every month and produce thousands of fruits per year.

The word lemon is derived from the Arabic ‘laymun’ and Persian ‘limun’ (words, which were generic terms for all citrus fruit). The oil is extracted from the rind of the fruit by cold expression. It can take up to 3,000 lemons to produce 1kg of essential oil. The main constituents are limonene, α-pinene and β-pinene. The oil is pale yellow-green and has a distinct smell of fresh lemon zest. Lemon oil is used as flavoring in food and confectionery, and in perfumery, too.

We use Sicilian lemon oil and buy it directly from our supplier in Sicily. Lemon oil is antiseptic, cleansing and fungicidal and could be helpful in boosting the immune system and fighting infections. Its uplifting aroma is makes a zesty top note in our fine fragrances and it’s a refreshing addition to our product perfumes. As they melt in the hot water of the bath, the essential oils are released and the fragrance is very uplifting. Lemon oil is an excellent cleanser and a potent antiseptic.