Beeswax (Cera Alba) Wax - Loving Naturals

Beeswax (Cera Alba) Traditionally Processed Wax is the substance that forms the structure of a honeycomb. Bees convert nectar into wax, building honeycomb to store their honey. Ten pounds of honey produces one pound of wax. It has a honey-like aroma and can be distilled into a fragrance. Like the honey it houses, beeswax has therapeutic properties of great interest to us. It is said to be particularly effective in healing bruises, inflammation and burns.
Beeswax gives a rich emollient quality to creams, which is very useful for dry skin. Deeply moisturizing, it also creates a waterproof barrier on the skin. It was part of the first cosmetic cream, created by Greek physician, Galen, in 150AD. The cream consisted of beeswax and olive oil with water (or rose water) beaten into it. Because it cooled the skin, it was dubbed ‘cold cream,’ but it also softened and moisturized, too. Oil and water combined, like in Galen’s cold cream, helps to preserve the moisture of the skin better than pure oils. The moisturizing properties of the wax works in combination with essential oils and water to remove excess dirt and dead skin cells to thoroughly and gently deep cleanse the skin. We’ve added beeswax to our range of lip balms. Its emollient properties help create a protective barrier and moisturize the lips.
Beeswax reduces moisture loss from the skin and has an almost immediate soothing effect on skin cracks and fissures. It has a sweet honey-like fragrance and a golden color. There are about 300 compounds found in beeswax, including: Alkanes, Acids, Esters, Polyesters, Hydroxy esters. Beeswax is a natural emulsifier that helps cosmetics, lotions and balms to bind. It adds a wonderful natural smell and color to products and helps to seal the skin when used in moisturizing formulas.