Unique Children's Birthday Party Ideas

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You want to give your child the best birthday possible, and you don't think you can take another superhero party. If you need some inspiration here are some unique ideas for your child's next birthday party! 


1. Secret Agent Party 

If your little one is a little spy in training, this is the party for you. 

"Laser" obstacle courses will keep the fun going for hours. 

"Follow-the-clues" scavenger hunt, hide party favors for people to discover for added fun. 

Pickle...Ruby Pickle. Everyone loves a good spy name. 

2. Camping Birthday Party 

Invite your guests to explore the great outdoors, without leaving the yard. 

Have a smores station for snacks in between games. 

Speaking of games, the party will surly pick up speed with a burlap sack race. 

When everyone is tuckered out, come back inside to some indoor tents!

3. Puppy Party 

Who doesn't love puppies, no one that's who. 

Create an adoption station for your guests, complete with name tags!

Let them eat cake...out of dog bowls! 

Speaking of cake, these pup cakes are almost too cute to eat! 

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