Top 5 Things to Be Aware of During Summer

Posted by Benjamin Lerner on

1. Eating strange plants - With sunny weather comes more outdoor adventures. Warn your children about the dangers of putting strange plants into their mouths.

2. Burns from car seat belts - We all have been taken aback by how hot the inside or your car can get, but did you know you can actually get burns? Check the temperature by (lightly) touching your child’s seat belt before securing them.

3. Burns from metal playground equipment - Metal playground equipment with little tree coverage can get very hot very quickly. Try to avoid playgrounds with old metal equipment.

4. Lake bacteria - Warm shallow water can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Keep up to date on the reports of lake water in your area to keep you and your family safe.

5. Overheating - Dehydration, one of the most common illnesses during the summer. Carry water on you at all times and try not to be outside for more than a few hours.

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