Top 5 Best Natural Items for Your Diaper Bag

Posted by Benjamin Lerner on

Diapers (obviously) - Honest Diapers $10.95

No chlorines or perfumes, and the best part is these diapers are almost completely made out of plant based materials. Plus, look at the fun designs!

Snacks - Happy Kids Organic Blueberry and Raspberry Bars $26.95

No preservatives, no sugar and best of all its gluten free. This bar is so natural I wouldn't be surprised if it grew on trees. 

Alternative Outfit - Head to Toe Happiness Starter (Pact) $40

Everyone knows you need to pact a few changes of clothes for your babe. But did you know you could get outfits that were 100% Organic Cotton and saved millions of gallons of water every year?  

Sunscreen - Adorable Baby 30+ Sunscreen $20

Creuilty Free, Vegan, EWG approved and smells amazing. 

Mosquito spray - All Terrain Kids Herbal Armor Spray $13

When you need it you will really wish you packed it. Here is our recommendation for kids safe, cruelty free mosquito spray. 

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