Tips for Traveling with Children

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Don’t overdo it, babies don’t do well on long long trips. If you need to drive out of state, try to keep the car trip under 6 hours. 

Invest in a roller shade for the car. If you are wondering what a roller shade is, it is essentially a car window curtain. Definitely a help during nap time. 

Entertainment is key. Go out and buy a DVD player and some of your babies favorite shows. Do not assume you will be able to just give them your phone, you may need it for navigation.


Take advantage of pre -boarding, it can be overwhelming getting settled with a line of disgruntled people standing behind you. 

If it is going to be a long flight, buy a separate seat for your child. Your legs, and the person who would have been seated next to you will thank you. 

Always get a direct flight, it can be difficult to entertain an unhappy baby. 

Take advantage of kid clubs! There are many fun activities aboard for you and your child. 

For parents with very young children, bring your own baby bottle sterilizer.

Bring swim diapers, many pools will not let young children swim unless they are wearing one. 

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