5 Things You Need Before Jogging with Your Baby

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Jogging with your baby - what you need and what they need
    1. Your Baby's Age

Your baby needs to be able to support their head  in a seated position before you go running together, or else they could get seriously injured. Do not run with your baby until they are at least 4 months old.


               2.Prep for unexpected weather

Even with modern weather apps, the weather can sometimes surprise us. In case an unexpected storm is coming your way always carry with you an extra jacket and/or blanket as well as extra diapers. 


                3. Hydration 

It may seem obvious, however, if you get lost on your run an extra bottle of milk or juice can be a lifesaver. Always carry double the amount of liquid you may need for your run.


                4. Sunscreen

Our skin is at our most vulnerable in our first few months of life. Always carry 30+ sunscreen or higher for effective protection against the rays.


                5. Baby Sunglasses

Even if your stroller has an overhead visor attachment, it is important to protect your child's eyes, especially in the summer months. 


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